Dental Hygiene Services LLC- Susan Vogel RDH BS MEd

 Quality Care For All Ages,  Medicaid, CHP+, Private Pay, Delta Dental, Cigna

Services, Medicaid Dental Hygienist, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, X-rays, Referral to onsite Medicaid Dentist & Medicaid Providers

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Crest Professional Strength Whitening Products
  • Adult & Child Teeth Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment
  • Teeth Whitening
  • On site dentist available
Dental Care for Infants and Children


Cavity Free @ Three Program

ages 4 months to 3 years.


Preventive Dental care for Infants and Children.  Referral to Dentist provided.


Parents Welcome in treatment room!

Pregnant Mom Programs


Pregnant Mom Education & Care


Cavity Free @ Three Prenatal Program

Crest 3D Whitening Kit

3D White Advanced Seal  14 day kit $85.00

Only available from dental professionals